open invitation no. 6: be wild

Be a little wild.

I love the children’s book by Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are. Like many of us, my mom made it one of my favorite bedtime stories, however, it solidified a spot on my favorites list many years later when I was in a children’s literature class to round out my master’s degree.

Did you know that Where the Wild Things Are was supposed to be Where the Wild Horses Are? The problem was Maurice Sendak had a rough time drawing horses. In fact, he couldn’t do it. So he proposed to his editor Where the Wild Things Are because he knew he could draw wild things.

I wonder how many writers give up when what they need is to be a little wild? Now, it’s not for me to deem what it means to for you to be a little wild. It doesn’t have to be something like electric blue hair, but that could count. It could be parting your hair on the opposite side or eating something other than a bagel for breakfast. Maybe it’s opening your water color paints or closing your email tab. Perhaps it’s writing from your back porch swing or having an extra cup of coffee.

Let the wild rumpus begin.
Be a little wild.
And go write.


Open your blog and write a post. It can be about anything — just write!


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Pop around and visit some other blogs. Leave a comment about the ideas or the craft…encourage and soak up the magic that will find you.

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I’m joining an open community of writers over at Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog. If you write (or want to write) just for the magic of it, consider this your invitation to join us. #sosmagic

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33 thoughts on “open invitation no. 6: be wild

  1. Today I wrote my 700th blog post. I started this journey 7 years ago on April 29, 2013. Many of you have been on this journey with me from that very first post (Elsie was my very first commenter!) and have been the nudge for me to keep going when I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) find the stories or celebrations. Thank you!

    Today I found inspiration from Elsie’s post last week, and I share my own memory catchers today.

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    1. I love the idea of a WILD SELF-ASSESSMENT. I am going to create one myself. And I too – probably will rank in the conservative rather than wild category on the outside – but it’s what on the inside that counts!

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    1. Judy – I agree God’s creatures are a blessing. The swans are so graceful and majestic. Yesterday a turkey popped her head up right outside my window. She stared at me and I at her for a few minutes. Then she went back to eating and I retreated quietly so she could eat in peace.


    1. Hi Jen,
      Your blog doesn’t like me so I”m writing my comment here. I love your tone and P.o.v…. I like your considerations about mother’s day- viewing the day, the traditions from above. When my mom was here is was a day of pressure because the day before mother’s day was my parents’ anniversary and for some reason my mom had high expectations for a gift. It was out of keeping with her… I’m not a mom but that really don’t impact on my day… I’m okay passing on what many have to deal with… so I’m looking forward to thinking and reading more from you…

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    2. Hi Jen,
      Your blog doesn’t like me to reply either! So I’m posting here. I loved you Lilac post – because my mom loved lilacs and I love this recent post too – I love that image of the parent holding the umbrella over the little girl as a dark cloud overhead. What a great image for how mothers/fathers reach to protect you!


    1. Though they aren’t as affected physically by COVID, young people has had their lives disrupted – no graduation, remote high school/college, no normal peer interaction, back living with family. Their lives have dissembled or more accurately erupted. Hopefully the volcano will become dormant.


    1. I tried to go to Untangling… and it says Page Not Found. Please check, so we all can read! I have the words “What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” by Mary Oliver painted on the wall of my office! I need to read your blog! Thank you!


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