open invitation no. 8: choose to find a celebration

Choose to find a celebration.

“If you look at life one way there is always cause for alarm.” Elizabeth Bowen said this. These words casually circle through my mind on most days. They prod me to consider different ways to look at the day. I do not have to be alarmed.

I can find a celebration.

I’ve put this idea to the test, trying to determine if it is truth or myth. There are hard days, and I can find celebration. There are mundane days, and I can find celebration. There are super great days, and I can find celebration.

Finding celebration has become a way of life. I wonder what will happen on the day a nightmare strikes. There are hard things happening all of the world, and I wonder if it is presumptuous to assume we can always find celebration.

But for me, I will choose to find the celebration in the stories I share. I invite you to join me, and choose to share the celebration.


Open your blog and write a post. It doesn’t have to be a heart stretched story…it just needs to be written…and shared.


Reply to this post, jot a note and paste your URL.


Pop around and visit some other blogs. Leave a comment about the ideas or the craft…encourage and soak up the magic that will find you.

grab an image for your blog

Use one of these images so we can find each other…and you can invite others to share their stories with us!

Offer an invitation to others.

I’m joining an open community of writers over at Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog. If you write (or want to write) just for the magic of it, consider this your invitation to join us. #sosmagic

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21 thoughts on “open invitation no. 8: choose to find a celebration

    1. That’s so wonderful Leigh Ann… to share something you love… passing the torch. Especially now, to celebrate… wow! I’m tearing up. 🙂


    1. Hi Michelle,
      I can’t imagine how hard it’s been to get satisfactory closure to this insane end of this school year. I only hope that we are back to normal by the next time you come to a school year ending.

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    1. YAY for cupcakes! What a great opportunity to appreciate love of family and creativity to celebrate events in this unique time. You will remember this shared celebration 🙂


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