open invitation no. 75: quiet

The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.


The invitation is to write so we can hear the quiet. This is an invitation to consider the way you will craft your words. Here are four ideas to allow quiet to take the stage.


White Space

Use white space to slow the reader by create empty spaces for quiet to fill.



Repeating softy sounds will sweep in quiet.



Muted, subtle, and soft colors will create a sense of quiet.



Consider the way punctuation can create space for silence.

*Remember, you don’t have to accept this invitation…but I do hope you will accept the invitation to write. Sharing our stories is magical.

PS—There is a Facebook Group for the #sosmagic community. Join here.

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I’m joining an open community of writers over at Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog. If you write (or want to write) just for the magic of it, consider this your invitation to join us. #sosmagic

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9 thoughts on “open invitation no. 75: quiet

  1. I thank you, Ruth, for the invitation to write about quiet. I took a recent poem written for Laura Shovan’s 10th Annual February Poem Project and revised it to express my heart thoughts on quiet (something I need in my life). It took many looks at my writing style and embellishments to create something that I wanted to share on your site. I am running late on most projects but hope you understand.


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