open invitation no. 49: sunset challenge

Capture a sunset. Consider capturing a sunset. It can be a sunset from long ago or one that’s happened this week. Here’s the challenge: Don’t use color words — red, pink, purple, but still allow us to visualize the color of the sunset. Don’t use seasonal words, but give us a sense of the timeContinue reading “open invitation no. 49: sunset challenge”

open invitation no. 48: slice

Capture a Slice of Life. I remember writing slices before it was a thing. Back when there were just two teachers who loved teaching and loved writing and wanted to write alongside one another about teaching writers, even though they were 865 miles apart. A lot has changed since then. The magic of a slice,Continue reading “open invitation no. 48: slice”

open invitation no. 45: write fast

Sometimes, if you write fast without thinking, the words will break through. “Every writer I know has trouble writing.”—Joseph Heller I’ve been avoiding the post box. My blog writing is the writing I do for me. It’s the writing I do for fun. It’s the writing that is most unexpected. My blog writing is theContinue reading “open invitation no. 45: write fast”

open invitation no. 42: writing space

Take space for writing. Where do you take space for writing? It can be literal…where do you write? At the kitchen table? On your couch? Out back when the sun is rising in the sky? It can be figurative. What kind of mind space do you create so you can write? Deep breaths? Angry outbursts?Continue reading “open invitation no. 42: writing space”

open invitation no. 41: fancy

Be a little fancy. “Everybody wants to be someone fancy. Even if they’re just shy.”—Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz If you’re looking for a writing topic, consider something fancy. Fancy, I am sure, conjures different ideas for all of us. If you already know your topic and you’re looking for a way to write it,Continue reading “open invitation no. 41: fancy”