open invitation no. 25: commentary on the setting

Take time to offer commentary on the setting. Writers often add setting description to their scenes. It is fun to use the five senses, metaphors and similes to paint a picture of the setting for the reader. As readers we know that too much description can sometimes cause us to slog through the sentences. TakeContinue reading “open invitation no. 25: commentary on the setting”

open invitation no. 24: Make writer friends.

Writer friends are important. The act of writing is rather solitary, which is why writer friends are essential. It’s one of the endearing things about Sharing Our Stories and the abbreviation — SOS. The distress signal, SOS, is not an abbreviation. I wrote about it here, when I was first dreaming about #SOSmagic… For aContinue reading “open invitation no. 24: Make writer friends.”

open invitation no. 23: a series of three

Three is magical. When you write in a series of three, magic is stirred. It is true. It is lyrical. It is bold. You can use a series of three by repeating sentences, phrases or words. It can add structure, cadence and meaning to your writing. I do it all the time, and I loveloveloveContinue reading “open invitation no. 23: a series of three”

open invitation no. 22: you have time

Find time. It has been many weeks since I’ve written a blog post on my own blog. Each week I know exactly what I want to write: A list of things to never-forget from Hannah’s graduation partyThe way whimsy took over and led us to offering a win for the kidsA few lines about myContinue reading “open invitation no. 22: you have time”

open invitation no. 21: seasons change

Seasons change. I live in a part of the world where we have four distinct seasons. Every few months the outside world changes. Colors change; sometimes things die and other times things sprout; animal rhythms shift; the sky looms and the noises of earth adjust to the new season. The same is true for allContinue reading “open invitation no. 21: seasons change”

open invitation no. 20: just write

Just write. It’s easy to not-write…at least it is for me. I write all day for my job; I write in a morning journal — every single morning; I write in a draft notebook; I write in a writing notebook. The thing that’s easy for me to not-write is a blog post…writing that is justContinue reading “open invitation no. 20: just write”

open invitation no. 19: your writer self

Describe yourself as a writer. My son Jordan is a high school sophomore and in creative writing. On his first day of school he came home with an assignment: to describe himself as a writer. “I’m halfway done,” he said. It made me chuckle, because I wondered if he were halfway done with the assignmentContinue reading “open invitation no. 19: your writer self”

open invitation no. 18: lists

Make a list. When I’m not sure I have the capability to write, I make a list. Lists are low-pressure. Lists are forgiving. Lists are acceptable. List of Lists to Write Current Favorites Gratitude List This I Know Things I Wonder Recent Small Moments List Tips Be specific…write the tiny details. Don’t worry about theContinue reading “open invitation no. 18: lists”

open invitation no. 17: have fun

Write for the fun of it. There are many reasons to write. Today, write for the fun of it. Writing is fun. Let the words wiggle and make something just because making stuff is fun. Write everything you know about zucchini or tooth brushing. Look for an unexpected color and write about it. Allow yourselfContinue reading “open invitation no. 17: have fun”