open invitation no. 62: outside

Go outside and write. Today it is raining and I went outside to write. The air cleared my mind; the rain washed away the cobwebs. It’s special to go outside and write. Try it. *Remember, you don’t have to accept this invitation…but I do hope you will accept the invitation to write. Sharing our storiesContinue reading “open invitation no. 62: outside”

open invitation no. 41: fancy

Be a little fancy. “Everybody wants to be someone fancy. Even if they’re just shy.”—Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz If you’re looking for a writing topic, consider something fancy. Fancy, I am sure, conjures different ideas for all of us. If you already know your topic and you’re looking for a way to write it,Continue reading “open invitation no. 41: fancy”

open invitation no. 37: routines

Open your blog. Write. The day is made up of routines. Whether intentional or not, each day has a rhythm and those rhythms are built through routines. I’ve come to believe that cues are the best ways to set routines in motion. A cue is a signal for something to happen. I read scripture andContinue reading “open invitation no. 37: routines”

open invitation no. 35: childhood loves

Take time to remember what you loved to do as a child. What did you love to do as a child? Pause and remember. This isn’t something you need to race to do; linger. Consider different locations where you could be found as a child—what did you love? Consider food you ate—what did you love?Continue reading “open invitation no. 35: childhood loves”