open invitation no. 48: slice

Capture a Slice of Life. I remember writing slices before it was a thing. Back when there were just two teachers who loved teaching and loved writing and wanted to write alongside one another about teaching writers, even though they were 865 miles apart. A lot has changed since then. The magic of a slice,Continue reading “open invitation no. 48: slice”

open invitation no. 34: definition inspiration

Use a definition as inspiration for your writing. A quick search on Merriam-Webster revealed this definition of thanksgiving… thanksgiving:: celebration of divine goodness I like looking up definitions because they often reveal new truths and ideas to me. Try to use a definition as an inspiration for your writing. Use thanksgiving or select another wordContinue reading “open invitation no. 34: definition inspiration”

open invitation no. 28: what stifles you?

Don’t be stifled. What stifles you? It’s not about what stops you, nor what makes things difficult for you. When I made a little list about what stifles me, I found it was all within me. getting it right not doing things wrong feeling like I’m a silly girl in the middle of a cornfieldContinue reading “open invitation no. 28: what stifles you?”

open invitation no. 22: you have time

Find time. It has been many weeks since I’ve written a blog post on my own blog. Each week I know exactly what I want to write: A list of things to never-forget from Hannah’s graduation partyThe way whimsy took over and led us to offering a win for the kidsA few lines about myContinue reading “open invitation no. 22: you have time”

open invitation no. 20: just write

Just write. It’s easy to not-write…at least it is for me. I write all day for my job; I write in a morning journal — every single morning; I write in a draft notebook; I write in a writing notebook. The thing that’s easy for me to not-write is a blog post…writing that is justContinue reading “open invitation no. 20: just write”

open invitation no. 17: have fun

Write for the fun of it. There are many reasons to write. Today, write for the fun of it. Writing is fun. Let the words wiggle and make something just because making stuff is fun. Write everything you know about zucchini or tooth brushing. Look for an unexpected color and write about it. Allow yourselfContinue reading “open invitation no. 17: have fun”