open invitation no. 71: catch phrase

/’kaCH,frāz/ noun: a well-known sentence or phrase [Dictionary] Catch phrases are a great way to show a person’s personality rather than tell about it. See if you can weave a catch phrase into your story this week. Or, write about the catch phrases in your life—your own or someone else’s. (If you think you don’tContinue reading “open invitation no. 71: catch phrase”

open invitation no. 48: slice

Capture a Slice of Life. I remember writing slices before it was a thing. Back when there were just two teachers who loved teaching and loved writing and wanted to write alongside one another about teaching writers, even though they were 865 miles apart. A lot has changed since then. The magic of a slice,Continue reading “open invitation no. 48: slice”

open invitation no. 34: definition inspiration

Use a definition as inspiration for your writing. A quick search on Merriam-Webster revealed this definition of thanksgiving… thanksgiving:: celebration of divine goodness I like looking up definitions because they often reveal new truths and ideas to me. Try to use a definition as an inspiration for your writing. Use thanksgiving or select another wordContinue reading “open invitation no. 34: definition inspiration”

open invitation no. 28: what stifles you?

Don’t be stifled. What stifles you? It’s not about what stops you, nor what makes things difficult for you. When I made a little list about what stifles me, I found it was all within me. getting it right not doing things wrong feeling like I’m a silly girl in the middle of a cornfieldContinue reading “open invitation no. 28: what stifles you?”

open invitation no. 22: you have time

Find time. It has been many weeks since I’ve written a blog post on my own blog. Each week I know exactly what I want to write: A list of things to never-forget from Hannah’s graduation partyThe way whimsy took over and led us to offering a win for the kidsA few lines about myContinue reading “open invitation no. 22: you have time”

open invitation no. 20: just write

Just write. It’s easy to not-write…at least it is for me. I write all day for my job; I write in a morning journal — every single morning; I write in a draft notebook; I write in a writing notebook. The thing that’s easy for me to not-write is a blog post…writing that is justContinue reading “open invitation no. 20: just write”