open invitation no. 14: when you don’t feel like writing

Sometimes you don’t feel like writing. Do it anyway. Being a writer can seem magical…until you sit down to write. I started my career as a middle school language arts teacher. I assigned writing. I always thought the assignments were interesting and easy. By dumb luck, I landed in a workshop with Katie Wood RayContinue reading “open invitation no. 14: when you don’t feel like writing”

open invitation no. 12: write anyway

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Write anyway. There’s a quote that goes — Don’t sweat the small stuff.It’s all small stuff. Richard Carlson said that. It’s actually the title of a book he wrote in 1997. I remember it being a popular phrase when I was in undergrad, and it wound its way intoContinue reading “open invitation no. 12: write anyway”